About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

I am an aspiring security researcher and exploit developer. Almost everything you see on this website is mine except for the areas in which I designate I took information from someone else or their website (in which I will give credit). You can freely borrow/take information from my website, consider this a written approval. 

If you have feedback/ideas/gripes/concerns please feel free to hit me up: questions at cerodia dot com. 

If you are local to the Washington DC area, I have an Exploit Dev group in which we meet about 1-2 times a month, if you are interested hit me up at the above address. 

Disclaimer: I do not know everything and I do not claim to be a genius, so please don't get triggered when I cannot answer your questions/emails. I am busy. I do have a life. However, I will try to help everyone who reaches out to me with reasonable requests/questions.